Kevin Schneider, CPA
Kevin Schneider, CPA
Tax Partner

You deserve to keep as much of your earnings and investment revenue as possible. Thousands of pages of tax code actually exist to help you do just that. In order to take advantage of them, you need an experienced and curious tax professional who knows how to use all of those rules and exceptions to save you money.

Kevin Schneider gets it. If you’re one of Kevin’s clients, he’s going to help you:

Like everyone at Pine & Company CPAs, he’s driven by the goal of maximizing your wealth by minimizing your taxes.

Kevin earned his bachelor’s and master’s in Accounting and Finance from Texas Christian University and started his career as a tax professional in 2006. He has helped hundreds of high-profile clients and held a high-paying position as a manager at a big firm.

However, something was missing. He was tired of feeling like an anonymous human calculator, expected to pump out paperwork non-stop during tax season. Being a CPA is more about helping people than crunching numbers — your account is your financial life, not just paperwork.

When Mike approached Kevin about working at Pine & Co, he was ready to be part of a healthier team that looks at the big picture and gets better results for their clients.

Kevin joined Pine & Co in 2018, rose to partner in 2021, and has no plans to leave. At Pine & Co, he’s able to fulfill his calling in life: serving others and teaching them to steward their finances well.

Each client receives a tax strategy playbook that will legally increase their tax savings and decrease their tax stress. “I love spending time with clients to teach them the why and the how behind their plan and then watch them save money when they follow through,” Kevin says. “I definitely get tired of being on hold with the IRS, but I never get tired of showing a client how much money proactive tax planning has saved them.”

As Pine & Co’s Tax Partner, Kevin is responsible for overseeing a team of tax professionals and welcoming new clients. He ensures that each client receives the high-quality service of a big firm while getting the personalized attention of a sole practitioner — you should feel like you are Pine’s only client. No question is unwelcome and no phone call goes unanswered, even during the madness of tax season. “Clients often come to us because we save them money on their taxes. But they stay with us because they feel truly seen, heard, and served well during the process.”

Kevin’s passion for finance and people goes well beyond his work hours. He teaches budgeting and biblical financial principles at church, coaches his daughters’ softball team (baseball is his other love), and gets into some heated PacMan games with his family in their in-home retro arcade.