Real Estate Syndicators Can Now Maximize Their First-Year Deductions

Unlock first-year depreciation for the management of syndications.

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Tax Strategies

You’re missing out on massive first-year deductions.

Passive cash contributing Real Estate investors enjoy lucrative accelerated depreciation in the first year they invest in a property. Managers of Syndications? You’ve generally been excluded from those benefits due to not having the "tax basis" to take your "promote share" of the deduction. You generally haven’t been able to reduce your income through that huge first-year depreciation.

We think that’s just wrong.

Syndicators deserve to unlock the depreciation from their 'sweat' equity management shares.  Whether you call it GP Shares, B Shares, Promote, Carried Interest or something else, it’s yours from all the work and effort of putting the deal together.  Pine & Company can help you maximize your returns and that’s a win for you!  Not only do you get the Ice cream, but also the cherry on top!

Mike Pine, Managing Member
Everyone legally makes and keeps as much money as possible, as fast as possible.

Tax Strategy that Benefits the Syndicators, the Syndicate Itself, and the Individual Investors

Tax Reduction
By properly structuring (or restructuring) your investment or business, we can proactively reduce your tax burden so you keep more of your hard-earned money.
Investment Tax Monitoring
Partnering all year long allows you to avoid missed opportunities and costly mistakes. We can help you make adjustments before the end of the year — before it’s too late.
Tax Reporting
The way expenses and earnings are reported will make a difference. You want to take advantage of every legal benefit possible so you keep more of your money.
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What does Pine know about the promote or 'GP' share of depreciation that other CPAs don’t know?

In addition to being real estate tax experts, we have devised a strategy specific to first-year depreciation for syndicators. That benefit doesn’t belong just to the passive cash-contributing investors anymore.

We are confident in this legal approach. Pine engaged a seasoned tax attorney who used to be an IRS litigator. We hired him to write a lengthy opinion argument for us based on his direct experience and a significant amount of research into our strategy.

Now you can:
Potentially use first-year depreciation to offset income from other sources
Unlock the same benefit as the passive and large, cash-contributing investors
Be the savvy investor your colleagues admire
Grow your wealth faster
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How to keep more of your hard-earned money

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Achieve financial freedom through strategic tax planning.

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Tax laws around real estate investment are complicated. But they can also be extremely beneficial.

At Pine & Co CPAs we know that you want to be a savvy financial decision maker who builds wealth and achieves financial freedom. In order to do that you need to never pay more in taxes than you legally owe.

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The problem is you don't know all of the complicated tax laws. You don’t know how to structure, plan, and report income in the ways that benefit you. This makes you worried that you’re paying too much, or that you’re in danger of not being compliant and could face heavy fines.

We believe that you should be able to confidently take full advantage of the tax laws. You deserve to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible.

We understand that you have better things to do than be your own tax strategist, which is why we do it for you — at the start of your business, throughout the year, and when it comes time to file. Just last year, we helped investors and businesses protect more than tens of million dollars in taxes.

Here’s how we help you keep more of your hard-earned money:
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3. Build Your Wealth

So, schedule a consultation with Mike and his team today.

Stop being anxious about your financial future. Choose Pine & Co CPAs as your tax strategist so you can keep as much money as possible, grow your wealth, and have more time for the people and hobbies you love.

Minimize your taxes. Maximize your wealth.