You can focus on growing your business while we handle your tax strategy.

Never pay more in taxes than you owe.

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Tax Strategies

Our tax system is set up to work against small businesses like yours.

The tax code is complicated (and written to benefit big business).Being solely responsible for your company's finances is a big responsibility.

Tax planning, and tax preparation also take a lot of inside knowledge. You're likely missing out on some tax benefits and paying more in taxes than owe.

Don’t let your income and your time be a victim of the tax code.
You deserve to make and keep as much money as legally possible.

Tax Planning for Small Business Owners

Third Party Bookkeeping & Accounting
We can refer you to our list of third party book keeping services. Not only will you have clean, orderly records, but you’ll get hours back in your week.
Tax Planning & Monitoring
Partnering all year long allows you to avoid missed opportunities and costly mistakes. We can help you make decisions and adjustments before the end of the year — before it’s too late.
Tax Reporting & Filing
The way expenses and earnings are reported will make a difference. You want to take advantage of every legal benefit possible for small businesses so you keep more of your money.
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Having a Professional Tax Strategist Means You Can...

Experience the financial benefits of owning your company
Never pay more in taxes than you legally owe
Have more time to do what you’re good at
Focus on growing your business and your wealth
Enjoy peace of mind because you have a trusted tax partner
Avoid any “missing money”
Be confident and prepared for tax season
Make a plan for paying off debt
Stop being anxious about your financial future
Be home for dinner, buy the boat, take the trip — enjoy the fruits of your labor
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How to keep more of your hard-earned money

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We develop and deploy a plan that maximizes your wealth by minimizing your taxes.

Build Your Wealth
Achieve financial freedom through strategic tax planning.

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You’re a small business owner, not a tax expert. Let us do the record keeping and tax filing so you can focus on your business.

At Pine & Co CPAs we know that you want to be in control of your company’s finances. In order to do that, you need to understand the tax code to make smart business decisions.

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The problem is you’re not a tax expert, you're likely missing out on some tax benefits. This makes you anxious about making mistakes and the likelihood that you’re paying more taxes than you need to pay.

Your business and personal wealth should grow as you work hard. But the system is set up against you. It's just wrong that big businesses enjoy tax benefits while small businesses like yours (which are the foundation of the country's economy) are burdened by taxes.

We understand the weight of being solely responsible for your company's finances. Tax planning, and tax preparation take a lot of time. To do it well also takes a lot of inside knowledge. You deserve a partner who can help you navigate the system in a way that gives you the most time and the largest tax advantage.

Pine & Co CPAs have more than 100 years of combined experience. We help business owners submit accurate filings and protect millions of dollars in income by using every legal tax benefit.

Here’s how we help you keep more of your hard-earned money:
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2. Receive Your Custom Tax Strategy
3. Build Your Wealth

So, schedule a consultation with Pine & Co CPAs today. In the meantime, download our ebook that will give you 5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Save Money on Taxes, including new CARES & COVID laws.

Stop spending hours at the office, wearing too many hats. Choose Pine & Co CPAs as your tax partner so you can keep as much money as possible, experience the benefits of owning your own business, and enjoy a lifestyle made possible by financial freedom

Minimize your taxes. Maximize your wealth.