Mike Pine, CPA
Mike Pine, CPA
Founding Partner

Too many people try to build wealth solely by trading their time for money. The problem with this approach is that you are forced to sacrifice precious time that you'd rather spend on fulfilling activities or with the people you love. You know there has to be a better way to grow wealth.

There is.

You can use the very taxes you dread as a wealth-building tool. Thousands of pages of tax code outline exactly how you can maximize your wealth by minimizing your taxes.

Unfortunately, most CPAs are too busy or too set in their ways to help you take advantage of this pre-paved yellow brick road to prosperity. You need an experienced, strategic tax strategist who will craft a plan to make that possible.

Mike Pine gets it. Since 2000, he has been helping individuals and businesses pay the taxes they legally owe, but not a penny more.

Mike’s father, a successful teaching physician, said his biggest regret was spending so many hours at work instead of with his family. Mike knew he didn’t want to live with the same regret. In his quest to do things differently, he became a CPA who is always searching for new solutions to help clients pay the legal minimum in taxes.

Mike obtained both his bachelor's in Business and masters in Professional Accountancy from Montana State University. After beginning his career in Big 4 and large regional firms, Mike realized that he wanted to provide clients with more effective, comprehensive, and personalized services. In 2008, he founded his own firm.

Mike and his team at Pine & Co provide the attention and proficiency that only a small firm can offer. Yet, the impact they make on their clients’ finances is anything but small. They help clients nationwide get a clear picture of their current finances, discover how the tax code can benefit them, and receive a detailed plan to use taxes as a tool to gain financial freedom.

Clients benefit from year-round tax management and planning, along with Mike’s slightly-over-the-top devotion to the ever-changing tax law. Mike immerses himself in all things taxes so his clients are up to date on any changes that may benefit them.

Mike is a respected authority on tax strategies for passive income investors. He advises partnerships and corporations in the areas of investment, real estate, technology, venture capital, and private equity. Mike also contributed to a book called  The Tax Cure: Change the Facts of Your Financial Life to Create True Wealth & Peace of Mind.

What motivates Mike? “I believe that business and personal wealth should grow when people work hard and make wise decisions. My team and I use all the legal benefits of the tax code so our clients keep as much money as possible, grow their wealth, and have more time for the people and hobbies they love.”

Mike is also deeply motivated by his faith, which calls him to live a life of integrity, humility, and love. There are so many opportunities to serve others, and there’s no better example to follow than Jesus’.

Because Mike uses taxes as a wealth building tool for his family, he can be home for dinner each night and spend Saturday mornings watching cartoons with his sons. He has the financial means to take extended trips to India to volunteer in an orphanage. Mike is able to devote his time to the people and causes he values most.

You, too, can build wealth while living a fulfilling life. Mike and the team at Pine & Company CPAs can show you the way.  

Education: Bachelor’s in Business from Montana State University; Master’s Degree in Professional Accountancy from Montana State University

Professional Designations and Affiliations: Certified Public Accountant; AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants)

Industry Positions: Founding Partner, Pine & Company CPAs in Keller, TX; TravisWolff (now Armanino) in Dallas, TX; PwC Venture Capital & Private Equity in San Jose, CA

Keynote and Speaking Topics: Overall Tax Mitigation Strategies for Everyone; Passive Income: Investment, Real Estate, Technology, Venture Capital, and Private Equity; Federal and State Tax Compliance Planning