A Wise Pivot: Mike Pine’s Tax Season Inspiration

This week, I’d like to pass along an inspiring story.

A Wise Pivot: Mike Pine’s Tax Season Inspiration

I would be remiss if I didn’t let you “in” a little bit to say that this tax busy season has been particularly busy.

Much of this is because of the steady stream of new clients calling, emailing and coming through our doors. But it’s also because of the brand new regulatory environment faced by businesses (and individuals) under the ACA.

But despite all of this, we have grown in our conviction that we have the best clients of any tax accounting firm in the nation.

I’ll speak more about that in the future, but I wanted to make sure you knew that we appreciate your kindnesses and warmth thus far.

Now … before I get to my main points, a few things to note:

1) Wednesday, April 15th is the deadline to contribute to IRA’s, etc., in order to have them count on this year’s (2014) taxes.

2) It is also the deadline to claim the almost $1BN in unclaimed refunds for returns dating back to 2011. If you, for some reason, didn’t file for that year, you could be missing out. Call us for this special circumstance: (817) 581-9292
(Or for any other question — but again, bear with us, as we are extremely busy!)

This week, I’d like to pass along an inspiring story. Sometimes around tax season, we business owners are tempted to pull pack, give up, or give in. Or, when facing criticism, we will just press forward, and face the torpedoes. Maybe we should get creative?

A Wise Pivot: Mike Pine’s Tax Season Inspiration
“Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.” – Henry J. Kaiser

Nineteenth-century publisher Cyrus H. K. Curtis had a passion for the newspaper business, but he didn’t always have a lot of success with it. He published his first weekly paper at age 13 and built it up until he had 100 customers. Unfortunately, a fire wiped out his business — but his determination to succeed in the industry endured.

By 1870, he was a successful advertising salesman for a small Boston newspaper. He was so good at his job that the owner offered to sell the paper to him for $250. Curtis turned the offer down, but the owner eventually gave it to him for nothing. Unfortunately, that publication failed, too.

Undaunted, Curtis founded a new one, The Tribune & Farmer. One day his wife asked him who wrote the feature called “The Woman’s Page.”

“I do,” said Curtis.

“It’s utterly ridiculous!” exclaimed his wife.

Instead of arguing, Curtis challenged his wife to write the page herself. Mrs. Curtis accepted the offer, and soon her page became the most popular section of the paper.

Recognizing a hot commodity, Curtis expanded the feature, and ultimately fashioned the publication around it, giving the paper a new name:

Ladies’ Home Journal.

The newspaper (and eventual magazine) went on to have one of the most successful runs in the history of publishing.

Imagine if Mr. Curtis had simply “given up”, or ignored the feedback from his wife …

May we, also, adjust and lead with such wisdom.

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