5 Time-Saving Tips for QuickBooks Users

Accounting software like QuickBooks is a great way to eliminate hours of time on accounting and financial tasks.

If you’re running a small business, it’s probably safe to say you don’t have lots of extra time on your hands. With the time you do have, you more than likely want to focus on the big, inspirational, long-term goals that will grow your company (not on the small — but necessary — tasks like writing checks and invoices).

When you get the chance to save a few minutes here and there on small tasks, it’s a smart move for your business (and your sanity). Accounting software like QuickBooks is a great way to eliminate hours of time on accounting and financial tasks. QuickBooks has over 2 million customers who use the software to manage bills, run financial reports, invoice and accept payments, and track expenses and income. As a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor accounting firm, Pine & Co. works with plenty of business owners who use QuickBooks to organize every dollar and cent that flows in and out of their business.

As trained experts in QuickBooks functionality, we’ve learned the ins and outs of QuickBooks software and know the pro tips that can offer you even more time savings. If you’ve already chosen QuickBooks as your business accounting software (or are thinking of choosing it), find a few of our proven tips below for making QuickBooks work harder for you:

Get connected with a Certified ProAdvisor.

QuickBooks is easy to use, but how can you make sure you’re maximizing its service? With your QuickBooks membership, you can connect to local QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors, like the team at Pine & Co., who have been trained and certified in advanced QuickBooks functionality. While ProAdvisors are trained in every feature and tool within the software, they also can bring your issue to a direct customer service line if you need further help. As accounting and financial professionals, ProAdvisors can ensure you’re keeping track of everything in the right spot, answer questions you may have, and ensure you’re using every feature to your business’ advantage.

Link your email.

Integrating your QuickBooks account with the rest of your work makes it simpler to find the information you need to accurately manage your business by the numbers. One of the easiest ways to do this is by linking your business email account to your QuickBooks account. Once linked, QuickBooks can automatically send invoices, reports, and other transactions through Outlook or your other webmail service. This eliminates the extra steps of saving files, attaching documents, copying and pasting invoice information, and a whole host of other tasks that can chip away not just minutes but hours from your week.

Utilize the “Memorized Transactions” tool.

Most businesses have certain activities that are completed on a regular basis. Think about your monthly credit card bill or rent payment; QuickBooks created a way to memorize these types of frequent transactions and complete them on your behalf, or simply remind you to complete them. The memorized transactions tool is a huge time-saver for small businesses and is a dependable safety measure to ensure you never miss a bill or send a late invoice again.

Print checks.

All income and expenses should be recorded in your QuickBooks account, so QuickBooks made it easier by including everything you need to do so within easy reach — including a check writing and printing tool. If you’re still writing checks by hand and manually recording them in QuickBooks, give your hand a break by filling out and printing checks directly from your account. This not only means you’ll never run out of checks again, but it prevents you from having to go back and find missed checks that weren’t recorded. The best part is that you can print multiple checks at one time to save even more time (and paper).

Customize the icon bar.

Searching for what you need can be a frustrating use of your time. Cut down on needless searching by customizing the quick links available on your icon bar. QuickBooks lets you pick the shortcuts you want to see and lets you decide what order you see them in. The result is more efficient work and less clicks to find exactly what you need. Whether you want to view account balances or current sales numbers, your icon bar can be tailored to your specific goals.

Accounting software is a great tool for small business, but is always limited by just how much you understand it. If you have questions about QuickBooks, or want to learn more time-saving tips and resources, Pine & Co. is here to help. Our accounting professionals can sit down one-on-one to answer questions and show you valuable ways to increase productivity and feel confident working in QuickBooks. To learn more about these time-saving tips and more, contact Pine & Co.

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