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Executive Assistant

Do you enjoy working with a team in a rapidly growing environment?  Do you desire helping to empower a team to serve clients by making sure they are taking advantage of every legal opportunity to save taxes?  Are you a self starter? Our growing company is hiring an Executive Assistant.

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At Pine, we help our clients pay only the taxes they’re legally obligated to pay and not a penny more. As part of your job, you will:

●     Assist and support the leadership team

●     Support partners with daily tasks, client interactions and project management

●     Work with the tax team to execute leadership directives

●     Develop and cultivate professional client relationships

●     Identify and lead implementation opportunities for process improvements

That sounds like a lot (and it is), but we already have an incredible team in place that needs leadership and mentoring.Everyone at Pine Co has an open door policy and a willingness to help. You’ll be expected to ask questions and acquire new skills. Having a curious and“can-do” mindset is how we have served more customers and grown the business by double-digit percentages every year.


At Pine, Brooke found the promotion opportunities she was looking for: “My old job made me feel stuck and frustrated because there was no room for advancement or promotion. The flexible growth opportunities at Pine make me excited to be at a place I can maximize my career. I love that I can grow at apace that’s right for me, and Pine is making that possible!”

The people who love this job and do well in this position:

ServeGladly Your success depends on you putting in extra effort to serve our clients well. “Extra effort” does not automatically mean extra hours. There’s a lot of thinking, strategy, and communication built into our process. Our clients pay a premium for the services we provide. We work hard to make sure they’re incredibly happy.

LearnConstantly You deserve incredible training and resources (the kind we always wanted from our employers). But we don’t train everyone to be interchangeable. Every tax professional has unique passions and skills. We want to leverage your strengths and offset any weaknesses with other people who have the corresponding skill. We will support your drive to achieve your potential.

WorkDependably You are a professional, and we’ll treat you like one. That means, when you say you’re going to do something, we expect you to do it. We won’t babysit or hold your feet to the fire so long as you’re doing the job you agreed to do. Will we support you? Absolutely. Can you ask for help? Yes. Will we micromanage or nag? No.

CommunicateHonestly Sometimes a case gets complicated or life happens. We need you to come to leadership and say, “Hey, this is too much.”Or, “Something’s come up in my family.” Or “I need help with this one.” We are good at solving problems when we’re made aware that one exists.  

Education, Skills &Experience:

●      Bachelor's degree preferred

●      5+ years of related experience required

●      Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills; possess exceptional interpersonal communication skills.  

●      Knowledge of a variety of computer software applications in word processing, spreadsheets, database, and presentation software (i.e., MSWord,Excel, PowerPoint, Access).

●      Ability to juggle multiple priorities, meet deadlines, and thrive in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment is required

●     Attention to detail required

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Who is Pine & Company CPAs:

Pine & Company CPAs is a full-service, progressive CPA firm centrally located in Roanoke, TX. We specialize in:

●     tax planning

●     tax preparation

●     proactive tax planning services

●     consultation for small to large-sized businesses, as well as individuals

We’re a small-but-growing firm with a family culture.

* We’re aware that “growth” can be a code word for “crushing workload and unhealthy expectations.” We know because we’ve worked for those kinds of firms. That’s not what it’s like at Pine. Keep reading, and pay careful attention to the “Family” and “Friendly Environment”paragraphs below.

What’s important to us:

Opportunities to stretch and grow. Professional training is emphasized and personal development is always a priority — including for the leadership team. Then, we take that effort and learning and use it to deliver amazing results for our clients (and our relationships).

Muhammad describes this perfectly: “I was bored in my old job as there wasn’t much to learn and it seemed like the same thing day after day. In my new job atPine, I get to learn new things, which is building my confidence and honing my ability to manage multiple tasks. I’m so happy to have found a company where the culture encourages growth opportunities!”

Family and meaningful time away from work. Pine has fewer required hours than most firms. We want you to have actual work-life balance. Everyone benefits when we have time to do things that refresh our mind, body, and spirit. We all take “Flex Fridays” during the offseason, have generous PTO(that you will actually be able to take), and some of us use remote work options.

Luz, like all our employees, should never feel guilty for taking time for family: My family is very important to me, and my old workplace made me feel guilty for being a young mom. I felt conflicted about having to decide between events for my kids and workplace obligations. Working at Pine has afforded me a flexible schedule where I no longer have to choose! I now feel like I have a balance between life and work, and my life is better because of it.

A friendly and collaborative office environment. We’ve had jobs where we had to deal with toxic bosses, crushing to-do lists, office politics… That’s not what it’s like at Pine. We’ve built the company that we want to work for: growing, performance-driven, and supportive. Every employee is encouraged to contribute to our processes, decisions, planning, and culture.

Stephen experienced a big shift in company culture when starting at Pine: “I was so burned out in my previous job, because the owner didn’t seem to care about me or my growth.Now, I wake up excited every morning because I’m part of a team that cares about our clients and about each other. I couldn’t ask for better people to work for and with!”

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What is the compensation:

Our compensation package is in the top five percent of the industry. We hire the best, train you well, and want you to stay. This position is a full-time, salaried position.

●     Base salaries are determined by your level of experience. The base salary range for an Executive Assistant is $40,000 to $90,000per year.

●     Bonuses are discretionary but typically range between $3,500 - $7,000 a year. We are very happy to reward excellence.

A more detailed compensation conversation will be had if you are called for an interview.

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What are the benefits:

This full-time position includes full benefits, which take effect after a 90-day probation period. Our benefits package is generous and growing. As of October  2022, benefits for every full-time position are:

     ●        Medical insurance through BlueCross Blue Shield of Texas

     ●        Voluntary dental insurance throughDelta Dental

     ●        Short & long term disability insurance through Guardian

     ●        Life insurance / accidental death and dismemberment insurance through Guardian

     ●        8 company-wide paid holidays, plus a minimum of 15 PTO days. We also generally include more than few bonus days off after tax seasons and for holidays.

     ●        401k with company match.

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What happens next:

  1. Click the “Apply” button
    In addition to submitting the requested documents, you’ll take an online Culture Index Survey. If you’re a good fit, we’ll invite you to take the next step.
  2. Go through a 2-stage     interview process
    Either Mike or Kevin, Pine’s Founding Partner and Tax Partner, will call you personally for a Zoom or phone interview. If everyone is still interested, we’ll invite you into the office (or set up a Zoom call) for a team interview.
  3. Say “yes!”
    If we all feel like it’s a good fit and your references check out, we’ll offer you the position. There’s some paperwork to complete, but we’ll want you to start as soon as possible.
  4. Build your career
    Once hired, you’ll start helping clients develop their winning tax strategy. And we’ll help you develop your career.

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Pine& Company CPAs is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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